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Exemplary service begins here.

Personal service.

We haven't any "stock rates" so that we may personally tailor the service that is required for your event.  We believe having all the details allows us to provide you with just exactly what your event requires and what you request, and not to sell the client something they don't want.  After contacting us- we respond without delay.  Your time is valuable and that's why your friends and colleagues refer us daily.  Making note of the details from you we prepare the most thorough quotation in the business.  We will view the location of your event, determine the available parking, and all details that need consideration for your gathering.  If we need to secure a parking garage, arrange for off duty police, close a street for a major function and  prepare for incliment weather all are taken into consideration. As well, we stay in touch as the date approaches for details that may need adjusting. 

Valet, Executive Valet Parking in Jacksonville, FL
Environmentally responsible.

We employ only adult staff to ensure your satisfaction with our valet parking service. Many have more than a decade of faithful service to our company and clients. By only providing adult drivers, we can also assure that our drivers use "green-genuity."  Statistics prove that adult drivers drive more efficiently, make fewer unnecessary abrupt starts and stops, and thus use less fuel= Lower carbon footprint.

We Go the Extra Mile

We look for ways to set our service apart from the "Johnny Come Lately" valet parkers in the area. Whether it is running to get something out of one of your guest's cars, offering assistance to an elderly couple as they arrive for your function, or making sure a child is secure in a car seat, our staff proactively searches for ways to be of service rather than to react to a problem.

Unexepectedly impressed.

Everyone is a guest to us. Our staff is groomed to provide service that's unheard of today.  From offering a hand to the ladies as they exit the motorcar to offering to help the gentleman with his jacket (at formal events)  And matters like a cheerful greeting, we refer to your guests as "sir and mam".  Other touches are not moving the driver's seat, or adjusting the radio.  These may seem small, but imagine the experience that your guests will have as we make it part of our service to address these details!

Bride and Groom, Executive Valet Parking in Jacksonville, FL

Preparation is key.

The Staff of The AutoValet makes all necessary preparations to be diligent and prepared for the inevitable.  At the ready are our formal portable tops  and large black golf umbrellas in the event of bad weather.  It is our practice to walk guests when the opportunity presents itself to and from the door.


Events served:
  • Weddings - Anniversaries - Birthdays
  • Christenings - Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
  • Corporate functions
  • Holiday parties
  • Charitable gatherings
  • Not for profit fund raising soirees
  • Debutatnte galas
  • Small private events
  • Political functions

Allow us to bring Black Tie Hospitality to your next event.
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